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Employment Background Check Services

Accurate Results | Low Price Guarantee | Wide Range of Services

WHY EvalRight?


In a direct comparison with more than 1,000 other vendors in the market, EvalRight provides the screening & evaluation process in a minimal amount of time. EvalRight works with dedication, so that your organization onboards the right person quickly.


According to a nationwide market research and study, EvalRight rates are 15 - 30% lower than most competitors. A dollar earned in revenue is significant, but only a tiny portion reaches earnings. If you have the scope to save money, why not leverage EvalRight.


Turning down the right candidate because of incorrect documents is a loss for the organization. In contrast, hiring someone with an unreported criminal record can be devastating. EvalRight provides the most accurate results, even when the orders remain in bulk.


Customizable packages based on your company's needs

Basic Package

Same Day Average

9.95 USD
per report

Searches Included:

  • SSN Trace & Address History Search
  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search
  • 50-State Sex Offender Registry Search
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Standard Package

36 Hours Average

27.95 USD
per report*

Searches Included:

  • SSN Trace & Address History Search
  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search
  • 50-State Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Global Terrorist Watch Lists Search
  • County Criminal Record Search**
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Custom Package

2-4 Business Days Average

From 9.99 USD
per report*+

Searches Available:

  • All Searches Included in Standard Package
  • Credit Check
  • Employment Verifications++
  • Education Verifications++
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Top 10 Reasons To Use EvalRight


Often organizations go through a lot of internal operations and processes. That is why we render dedicated services and servicing agents with live online support during business hours (plus after-hours support if needed) so that you can hire the right candidate for your organization.

Award-Winning Customer Service

We cherish and value every client & walk the extra mile to satisfy our customers. Thus, we have succeeded in receiving independent recognition and awards for outstanding quality services. Also, we are happy to announce that we have 98% client retention ratings over the past 6 years.


As our capabilities are similar to those of our competitors, why not get the same service at the best value. Our service charge is remarkably lower than our competitors. Simply ask us for a quote and compare it with our competitors.

Low Price Guarantee

According to a nationwide market research that we conducted, our rates are 15 to 30% lower than the top 500 competitors, without compromising our service. Knowing this, if any organization shares their invoice with us, we can match the service charge and cut down our cost by 20%.


We have designed our system by taking the required input from expert HR & staffing professionals who demanded a simplified ordering process. Our user interface is as simple as conducting a Google search, which makes the order process very easier.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Many background check companies claim to be fast, and many are. But in apples-to-apples comparisons with 75+ competitors, we have found that our turnaround time proved to be the fastest. Before taking our long-term services, we offer a free trial to gauge the vendor-to-vendor turnaround time. Just reach our expert today to find out more about this.


For us, compliance is one of our top priorities. We advise our clients to avoid any costly errors. For our senior service agents and technical specialists, it is mandatory to earn their basic FCRA Certification from the NAPBS. We equip our system with the required procedures and features to maximize compliance. We have the most experienced background check team who adheres to strict compliance policies.

The Easiest User-Interface

If the system's UI is complicated and hard to navigate, ordering any background check service might consume a lot of time. Our system’s user interface is simple, modern, and intuitive – containing multiple features to streamline the ordering process & save your time.


Almost all background check service providers claim to be fast. But, at EvalRight we are 100% committed to doing so. With multiple digitized integrations, court searches, third-party verification, and carefully vetted court researchers, we are definitely one of the fastest service providers.

Compliance Support By HR Lawyers

Organizations are getting investigated & sued for executing background checks by violating certain laws and regulations. But taking our services will allow you to get access to a group of Global HR lawyers to provide advice on any labor or employment law matter - thus, minimizing their legal issues.


Criminal Checks

It might usually take days to complete a criminal record check. However, Evalright helps you protect your business reputation with holistic criminal background checks. We offer quick criminal history reports of the candidatesto help you make the best hiring decisions.

Drug Test

Every organization needs to proactively conduct drug test to ensure they hire the right candidate. At Evalright, we offer comprehensive drug testing services to emphasize reduced health concerns, minimized workplace accidents, and greater productivity.

Education Verification

It is important to confirm the authenticity of educational claims and certifications of the candidates before you hire them. Through education verification, we directly contact the educational institutions and ensure the legitimacy of candidates’ educational qualifications.

Employment Verification

A formal confirmation from the previously worked organization makes it certain that organizations hire candidates with adequate experience. Evalright takes the responsibility to contact previous employers for employment verification and verifies whether the candidates are ideal for the position.

SSN Verification

Organizations need to cross-check whether the candidates have submitted valid identity information while applying for a job. At Evalright, we provide the required SSN verification services to verify the Social Security numbers of candidates and prevent fraudulent practices.

Public Trust Clearance

Individuals hired for sensitive job positions should undergo background investigations to analyze if they are trustworthy and hold good conduct. Evalright conducts these checks for high-risk positions to gain public trust & security clearances that organizations demand.


  1. Initiate Order

    First, log in to our system, choose a package, and enter the applicant's info. You or the applicant can do this process.

  2. Assigned to Researchers

    Once you submit the order, the individual searches are automatically assigned to internal and external researchers.

  3. Report Compiled

    Then we sort out all the information into a draft report and send it to our Quality Assurance (QA) team.

  4. QA Review

    EvalRight's QA experts are well-trained to verify all the information on the draft report for confirmation and accuracy.

  5. Delivery

    Finally, we deliver the final report through email (usually in PDF), or as a link with Quality Assurance done.



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